Thursday, 11 April 2013

Travel preparations - baggage allowance - travelbus company Aguia Branca and airline Condor

My Europe tour is coming closer and closer now, so excited!!!

My cross atlantic trip will take a bit longer this time, first I will take a nightbus with the company Aguia Branca to Salvador da Bahia and then a Condor flight to Frankfurt (plus a few ICE trains with the Deutsche Bahn to get to my home town).

Luggage restrictions are quite generous, Aguia Branca allows 5kg hand luggage and a suitcase with 30kg, Condor allows 6kg hand luggage, a laptopbag with one laptop, small handbag, an umbrella and TWO suitcases of each 32kg. I was stunned! I am not sure why they allow so much luggage, but the Condor site says specifically that flights booked from/departing and returning to Brasil have those seperate luggage restrictions. Maybe to get those Brazilians spend a small fortune on German/EU goodies ;)))

Anyway, good for me, I am not going to need two suitcases of each 32kg (also due to restrictions of the travelbus), but the 30kg allowance (instead of 20 as on most flights) means 10kg more than usual and comes in quite handy as I am bringing a few presents with me, planning to stock up on favourite EU goodies and products, and taking a few presents back to Brasil. (I bought a new hand luggage-carryon bag, just couldn't resist the butterflies: <3

I am also going to wear my (18-pocket) Scottevest travel trench coat which will come to its first FULL use on my Ryanair flight to London (handluggage allowance: 10kg, suitcase: 15kg) and Berlin and most probably on my return trip to Brasil.

18-pocket Scottevest travel trench coat

Condor baggage info:

Aguia Branca baggage info:

German train service Deutsche Bahn (as far as I know there are no baggage restrictions - correct me if I am wrong ;) However, I wouldn t take more than a suitcase plus handluggage on the train, it is really difficult to store luggage, not many spaces to put your stuff and if there is space left, most probably NOT next to your seat)


  1. Have a safe trip to Europe hon!! I'm really excited to see you :)) You're absolutely right about the Deutsche Bahn not having any baggage restrictions. It's true that the space available for putting your luggage is very restricted, so you just need to see if you can squeeze it between two seats or there are luggage compartments in the middle of each carriage but you have to be quick, they're full pretty fast. Otherwise you can put it in the overhead compartment but my experience there is that you can't lift a heavy 30kg suitcase all by yourself - just ask someone if they can help you put it up. If asked most passengers in the Bahn are pretty helpful. See you in Berlin xx Berlin Girl